The members of the Alpha Ethereum community, have are positioning themselves for the approvals of Grayscale and BlackRock ETFs for Ethereum.
On the heels of BlackRock’s and Grayscale’s spot Ethereum ETF filings, analysts are predicting new all-time highs for ETH in the coming years….
“For 2024, analysts are even more bullish on the price of Ethereum, predicting that it could reach as high as $3,100 as a minimum price,“In 2026, they believe that it could go as high as $8,000… And by 2032, one Ethereum could be potentially worth a minimum price of $61,000 with an average price of $63,000 and a maximum price for one Ethereum could potentially reach $75,000.
Alpha Ethereum will harness the power of the Ethereum ETF market by developing opportunities for community members to benefit from Ethereum’s moon.


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